The best podcast, streaming gear to gift in 2023

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If you’re among group arsenic you publication this, look to your left. Now look to your right. Statistically speaking, those connected either broadside of you astir apt person their ain podcasts. Odds are you person respective group successful your life that besides fresh nan bill. The bully news is that nan prevalence of podcasts intends amended and amended devices are being produced to thief hosts up their games, and respective of these recommendations are a portion of various Black Friday 2023 promotions.

A mates of months back, I wrote a How I Podcast article showcasing immoderate of nan tips and tricks I’ve deployed for my ain show, RiYL. It’s very overmuch a one-man accumulation astatine nan moment, but I’ve been capable to upgrade my crippled considerably, acknowledgment to caller tech.

You’ll find a batch of what I personally usage connected this list. Some items are pricier than others, but nan bully news is that successful 2023, you don’t person to salary a ton to nutrient a great-sounding show. And if you’re looking for caller great-sounding shows, cheque retired our podcasts covering startups, founders and nan crypto space: Equity, Found and Chain Reaction.

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RODECaster Pro II

Price: $700 astatine Amazon

Image Credits: Darrell Etherington

Several years aft its first release, nan RODECaster Pro remains nan golden modular for building on-the-go studios. The strategy is awesome for in-person productions, peculiarly those without a fixed location. When I spell ultra portable, thing thumps a Tascam and a mates of mics, but if you want to recreate nan emotion of a four-mic studio, without nan costs of a existent pro soundboard, this is wherever you go.

It’s ace easy to usage retired of nan box, and offers a ton of controls and customization, on pinch features for illustration euphony cue trigger pads to nutrient a podcast successful existent time. It’s a cleanable gift for a seasoned hobbyist podcaster looking to return things to nan adjacent level.

Tula Mic

Price: $199 astatine Amazon

Image Credits: Brian Heater

I could person conscionable arsenic easy stuck this 1 successful nan recreation gift guide. As personification whose activity requires they deed nan roadworthy erstwhile a month, I’ve been looking for measurement to up my edifice signaling game. The Tula Mic has it all: bully looks, awesome sound value and a compact foldable creation that tin beryllium comfortably successful your transportation on.

The mic connects to your machine via a USB-C larboard and offers a scope of different settings. You tin besides return it connected nan spell for section recordings, courtesy of a 12-hour artillery and 8GB of soul storage. It’s an highly good thought retired spot of hardware up and down nan line.

Shure MV7

Price: $269 astatine Amazon

Image Credits: Shure

I’ve been done truthful galore USB microphones — particularly complete nan people of nan pandemic. The Shure MV7 is nan first 1 I’ve ever genuinely fallen successful emotion with. Once I picked this up, I’ve recorded each section of my podcast, moderated dozens of panels and conducted countless meetings pinch it. In fact, it stays permanently plugged into my desktop astatine each times.

Now it’s not rather nan pro level of Shure’s SM7B — mostly regarded arsenic nan golden modular of podcasting mics. But nan MV7 is cheaper and, much importantly, features a USB input truthful you tin get awesome sound without having to futz pinch abstracted audio interface hardware.

Insta360 Link

Price: $254 astatine Amazon


Image Credits: Brian Heater

This webcam is different fixture for my location desktop. It’s a weird point to say, but I get complemented for my video value each nan clip during activity meetings. The video goes up to 4K, but for astir things, you’re much than good relying connected 1080p. The other solution really comes successful handy, however, erstwhile utilizing nan 5x integer zoom pinch minimal image degradation. If you thin to move astir a lot, nary worries, nan built-in physics gimbal has you covered.

Insta360’s desktop package is besides foolproof, making judge things are correctly framed up of time, truthful you don’t look for illustration an amateur, adjusting things aft you’ve already logged in.

Razer Ring Light

Price: $80 astatine Amazon

Image Credits: Razer

Over nan pandemic a batch of america were forced to face conscionable really bad our location lighting is. While a bully webcam tin spell a agelong measurement toward improving your image, it’s thing without a bully ray source. There are a ton of ringing lights connected nan market, but yet I landed connected this 1 from gaming elephantine Razer.

The value is surely right, and nan strategy tin beryllium mounted to a tripod aliases nan backmost of a monitor. My advice, however, is that consecutive connected isn’t ever champion — particularly if you deterioration glasses. You’ll want to research pinch nan group up a bit, but thankfully, nan mounting strategy gives you each sorts of options here.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra

Price: $379 astatine Amazon

Image Credits: Brian Heater

My proposal for each podcasters is: deterioration headphones. And effort to make your guests wherever them, erstwhile possible. It will make your occupation arsenic editor importantly easier. For astir hobbyist podcasters, I mostly promote a brace of over-ear headphones that you besides intend to usage successful your day-to-day life. If you’re signaling remotely, you astir apt don’t request a brace of high-end monitors.

I’m going pinch nan QuietComfort Ultra based connected way grounds (they’re presently up for preorder). Bose makes awesome all-day deterioration headphones, truthful you tin usage them for podcasts, meetings and return them connected agelong flights, acknowledgment to their ultra-comfortable design.

I besides highly urge looking astatine a brace pinch auxiliary input. That’s a existent adjuvant characteristic for editing, not to mention those fickle airplane seat-back video systems.


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As a rule, subscriptions make awesome gifts. This surely applies to podcasting. I consciousness for illustration each period I perceive astir different work I want to subscribe to successful bid to return my show to nan adjacent level. Here are immoderate of my existent favorites: ($15/month): I’ve recommended Zencastr successful erstwhile years, but yet nan level gave maine excessively overmuch grief. For $15 a period Riverside gives you up to 5 hours of high-quality distant video and audio recording.

Auphonic ($10.50/month): The newest summation to my workflow saves maine respective hours per month. Upload a way and Auphonic will level it and region inheritance sound successful a matter of minutes.

Otter ($10/month): Otter is simply a godsend for some transcription and editing. For nan latter, nan AI-based work tin thief you find keywords successful nary time.

Podcastpage ($12/month): A ace easy to usage work that generates a professional-looking tract for your show. I was dealing pinch an wounded this past play and spent a fewer hours customizing my show’s page. The elasticity is awesome for a ocular editor.

This article was primitively posted November 10, and has been updated to bespeak caller pricing owed to vacation promotions.

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