Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe is now taking over the top product role at the EV maker

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Rivian laminitis and CEO RJ Scaringe has taken connected different domiciled wrong nan publically traded EV shaper arsenic main merchandise serviceman Nick Kalayjian moves retired of nan occupation and yet into an advisory position, according to a regulatory filing and soul emails viewed by TechCrunch. Scaringe will now beryllium responsible for each merchandise improvement — a captious position astatine a institution moving connected a next-generation level that is expected to present much affordable EVs and thief catapult Rivian into nan wide market.

Kalayjian will move to nan domiciled of executive vice president of conveyance engineering and propulsion and will proceed to study to nan CEO. Scaringe said successful an an soul email viewed by TechCrunch that Kalayjian will beryllium focused connected “Peregrine” (the next-gen level that will beryllium utilized crossed each vehicles – R1, R2 and nan electrical transportation van) earlier he yet transfers to a merchandise and exertion advisory role.

“You person heard maine many times authorities successful our institution updates, it is captious that value plays a cardinal domiciled crossed our business – this not only drives really our marque is perceived but it is simply a awesome enabler for our continued ramp,” Scaringe wrote successful his email to employees.

In a abstracted soul email, Kalayjian wrote:

With this, nan clip has travel for maine to make a change. Over nan past fewer months, I’ve taken clip to Zoom Out and person been talking pinch RJ to understand really my engagement could proceed to let maine to person an effect while letting maine measurement backmost from my existing role. My desire to make changes aligns perfectly pinch RJ’s desire to redirect much of his clip and power toward Product leadership. I person ne'er met anyone successful my life aliases profession who is simply a amended operation of technologist and visionary merchandise leader than RJ. I cognize that him spending much clip moving pinch our Product teams will create important worth for each of america and our shareholders.

The move includes immoderate different shuffling connected nan executive team, specifically connected who reports to Scaringe and Kalayjian.

Richard Farquhar, who has been vice president of propulsion, will beryllium stepping distant from his existent domiciled December 11 and into a caller domiciled arsenic elder vice president of early R&D.  He will study to Scaringe upon his return adjacent year. Quality and reliability teams led by Brad Thacker and Georgios Sarakakis will besides study straight to Scaringe.

Paul Frey, who heads up nan charging, power and escapade products, will now beryllium responsible for artillery arsenic good and will proceed to study to Kalayjian. Silva Hiti, elder head of electrical powerfulness conversion, and Henry Huang, elder head of powerfulness and thermal engineering, will besides study straight to Kalayjian.

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